No Brainers in Long Term Care

On November the 30th, the TRECS Institute and the Leonard Davis Institute hosted an Invitation Only Summit designed to discuss the many “No Brainers” in Long Term Care. This Blog is available to those who attended the summit, as well as anyone in the industry interested in eliminating these “No Brainers” with the goal of improving care and saving money for our health care system.

Please feel free to share you comments with others concerning the “No Brainers” in our long term care system.

Definition: What is a “No Brainer?” A “No Brainer” is any current practice within long term care, potentially driven by historical practice patterns, reimbursement or regulations, that have two undeniable outcomes:

The TRECS Institute and The Leonard Davis Institute are proud to announce: “A National Initiative to Identify and Address the many “No Brainers” in Long Term Care”

1) The practice is not in the patient’s best interest from a quality perspective

2) The practice results in wasted and unnecessary spending for our health care system

» View the “No Brainer” Press Release.

» Read the full document on “No Brainers” and Download the “No Brainers” Submission Form.

» View the “No Brainers” PowerPoint Presentation.

One thought on “No Brainers in Long Term Care

  1. What a great initiative… Thanks you for serving as a catalyst to help bring about needed changes in our long term care system.

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