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The TRECS Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding new and effective ways to better meet the needs of America's elderly in the most cost effective manner possible.
The dictionary defines a “Trek” as “a journey, a pilgrimage towards a desired goal.” That is why we have named this new non profit corporation “TRECS” ….to recognize the journeys we will be making to identify new programs, services and technologies to better meet the medical and non-medical needs of the elderly being cared for within the long term care industry.

Our byline, "Targeting Revolutionary Elder Care Solutions” recognizes the need for new and creative thinking in this market. TRECS is designed to be a catalyst to bring about needed changes to the Industry that will improve the overall quality of care in the most cost effective manner possible. Just as the spelling of TRECS falls outside the true dictionary spelling, so too will TRECS go “outside” the traditional boundaries that have historically defined and restrict this industry.

We hope you will join us in our quest to improve the long term care system across this great nation so we can, as a industry, take the best possible care of some of our nations most previous treasures … our elders!

TRECS Vision: “Revolutionizing Elder Care"
TRECS Mission: “Targeting Revolutionary Elder Care Solutions”
TRECS Value Statement: Trustworthy
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